How to create a bookmark

On the top right of every report you will see a button that reveals the option to Bookmark Report.

You have the option to set the report to specific static dates (11/12/2013-11/15/2013) or dynamic dates (Last 7 Days). With dynamic dates you can bookmark a report and always run it on a fresh real-time dataset.

The bookmark will save the specific report type, your dates, and all the filters you used.

How to use a bookmark

Reveal the reports you have bookmarked by selecting the bookmark icon to the right of Options on the report launcher.

How to manage bookmarks created by your team

Users that have the Admin role can edit the bookmarks created by the team.

On the Bookmarks page under Account Settings you can:

  • Delete bookmarks
  • Rename bookmarks
  • Reorder bookmarks by dragging and dropping the list icon
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