Report Settings


  • Combined Activity. If you are analyzing more than one database at a time then this setting will combine it all into one single dataset. 
  • Activity by Database. If you are analyzing more than one database or a topic, this setting will break each database for you.
  • Activity by Stakeholder. This will break down the tweet activity according to their stakeholder category.

Periods. Depending on the start and end date for your reporting period. Tweet Activity can be reported in:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarters
  • Years

Data Output

  • Bar Graph. Downloadable as .png image file, .jpg image file, .pdf document, and .svg vector image.
  • Data Table. Can be filtered, searched, and sorted by each metric/dimension.The data table can be exported as a .csv data table.
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