Can be displayed either as an hourly graph over the entire time period, or as a weekly average graph showing the averages for the entire time period.

Report Settings


In this graph, every hour of the time period select is represented as one square. Hover of the square to see further details.

Weekly Average

The Weekly Average graph will display the averages for the whole time period in this weekly view. For example, if a period of six weeks is selected then data from six Mondays is summed and divided by six.


  • Changing the Time Zone setting will also change the time in the graph and in the Data Table
  • Daylight saving time for countires in the world where this is practiced is ignored. In other words, if your selected time period cover a DST change then the data could be skewed. An example, if you are looking at a community with a weekly tweet chat Friday at 4PM and a DST change took place in the middle of that time period then the usual 4PM peak will be split between 4PM and +/- 1 hour.
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