Many charts have the options to render the data in a different Chart Type and with a different Chart Title. Select the Chart Options button in the upper right corner of a chart next to the Chart Download and Print button. If there is no Chart Options button then this chart doesn’t have any customizable options.

Once the Chart Options button is pressed a context menu will show up similarely to this:



Example Chart Type options:

Spline Chart

Line Chart

Column Chart

Scatter Chart


The following are some of the reports with Chart Options available and the possible Chart Types to select from:


  • Tweet Activity (Spline, Line, Column, Scatter)
  • Client Apps (Pie, Column, Bar)
  • Engagement Metrics (Pie, Column, Bar)
  • Cummulative (Stacked Column, Stacked Area)


  • Influencers (Pie, Column, Bar)
  • User Languages (Bar, Pie, Column,)


  • Tweet Languages (Bar, Pie, Column,)
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