• Healthcare Social Graph is available only to Enterprise customers.

  • You may also look for information about the Healthcare Social Graph Score algorithm.


The Healthcare Social Graph® is the vast neural network of healthcare conversations, content and people that gives life to Symplur Signals. As a Symplur Signals Enterprise customer you have access to three different perspectives into this graph.

Healthcare Social Graph – Universal Perspective

The entirety of the graph may be analyzed as a whole to discover trending patterns beyond the normal activity levels. Identify healthcare topics, conferences, tweet chats, keywords with strong momentum. To be launched in 2016

Healthcare Social Graph – Topic Perspective

Investigate all conversations and people related to a specific healthcare topic. The platform is aware of all databases that should be analyzed for any given topic you as a user select, and you may go deeper by analyzing a single database like a hashtag.

Healthcare Social Graph – Individual Perspective

The individual perspective of the Healthcare Social Graph give users a quick snap shot of what healthcare topics, conferences, tweet chats and disease communities a Twitter user has been influential in during the last 5 years and with whom the user has engaged with.

The following is an example page of the individual perspective.

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