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Identify and rank authentic influencers of any healthcare conversation

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What is Healthcare Social Graph?

The Healthcare Social Graph is a database of both social conversations and profiles. Symplur has labeled about 1 million healthcare stakeholders who have participated in these public conversations.

Stakeholder labels are given according to how they self-identify in the profile bio with no geographic restrictions. Over 100,000 terms are currently being tracked in real-time and they are categorized across 18,000 healthcare topics.

The Healthcare Social Graph is partially user-generated and crowdsourced with all the major pharma, government, academic, and medical society organizations directly submitting conferences and terms to Symplur.

How Does it Work?

The Healthcare Social Graph provides information about influential Twitter accounts during the last 52 weeks.

Any Twitter account that is found to be in the top 100 influencers as ranked by the Healthcare Social Graph Score of any healthcare-related hashtags or keywords/phrases is revealed in this chart.

An account that is not found in this database has never been in the top 100 lists during the last 52 weeks. This ranking is updated once a week, so for the most recent data, there can be a delay of up to 7 days.

Table of Contents

View a user's Healthcare Social Graph

  • Click "Healthcare Social Graph" in the menu section.

  • Enter the Twitter handle and click "Launch."

  • A new tab will open in your browser, showing the results.

Overview of the Healthcare Social Graph page

  • You will find the Twitter account name, location, website, and Symplur stakeholder group.

  • The Healthcare Social Graph Score, number of tweets, followers, and accounts following.

  • Social Media Impact

  • HSG Score in Perspective

Social Media Impact

The Social Media Impact tab displays two datasets:

  1. Each circle represents a conversation. The conversation topic is displayed over the circle. The size of the circle represents the significance of the conversation.

    The color of the circle represents the type of conversation (see legend below the chart. The location of the circle is a product of the impact of the conversation (high to low, using the left side vertical axis) and the date of the conversation over the past 52 weeks (left to right).

  2. The line represents how the Healthcare Social Graph score has changed over the last 52 weeks, using the right side vertical axis to quantify the score.

  • Click on one of the five data types in the legend below the graph to view data only of that type (HSG Score, Hashtags, Conferences, Tweet Chats, and Keywords).

  • Hover your cursor over one of the bubbles to display the topic, when the conversation began, the influence rank, and the volume of tweets that specific week.

HSG Score in Perspective

  • The HSG Score in Perspective tab displays the account's Healthcare Social Graph score in relation to all other HSG scores (currently over 9 million users).

  • The bars represent the number of users with Healthcare Social Graph scores in those ranges. Hovering over each bar will display the score range and the number of profiles with scores in that range.

Topical Influences

  • The Topical Influences chart includes the same data in the Social Media Impact chart above and displays the topics in order of their usage and influence within this account's activity over the past 52 weeks.

  • The size and location of the box as well as the color shade indicate the strength of influence within this account.

  • The top left corner includes the most influential, with influence decreasing across and down to the lower right. Clicking on a box will pop up the hashtags associated with this topic.

Dataset Types

  • The Dataset Types chart is yet another format of this data, displaying the volume of data by type (conference, tweet chat, hashtag, keyword).

  • As with the Topical Influences, clicking on a bar will pop up the hashtags associated with this data type.

Healthcare Social Graph Score

Healthcare Social Graph® Score is an algorithm developed by Symplur for accurately identifying and ranking authentic influencers of any healthcare conversation.

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