Symplur Live is a product for healthcare events. Its sole goal is to encourage more tweeting from those physically present at the event. All stakeholders benefit from the increased sharing of the insights offered at the event: the event organizers, participants physically present, those who are only able to participate virtually, the speakers and the sponsors.

See Symplur Live demo on YouTube.

Symplur Live encourages the right type of tweets, conversational tweets. Only the tweets where people are interacting (mentioning) others are considered on the two slides analyzing influencers (network centrality slide and tweet activity slide).

Now available for websites, see Symplur Live Embedded

Symplur Live best practices

  • Healthcare conferences use Symplur Live on the big screens before and after a speaker. Some also intermittently show Symplur Live during presentations. We do not recommend showing it continuously at the main screens during the talks as it may be distracting however, some have successfully shown Symplur Live continuously on smaller side screens.

  • A great place to engage the audience with Symplur Live is in the event areas outside the main speaker halls, the waiting areas, exhibitor areas etc.

  • Shared visual content creates very high engagement. Event staff can log in to Symplur Live and take screenshots directly from the browser to share from the main event Twitter accounts.

Design options

  • Symplur Live comes with several color themes with both white and black backgrounds.

  • Custom design themes can be created to match your conference’s color scheme, the Symplur logo can also be removed.

  • Custom theme + Symplur logo removal. Let us know if you are interested.

Spam monitoring options

  • Healthcare events with a high volume of tweets have been known to attract spammers and bots that will pollute the event tweet stream.

  • We automatically remove tweets from these accounts identified with spam from Symplur Live. However, we do not remove tweets from people mentioning these spammers.

  • You can mark accounts as spam in Symplur Signals, that will remove their tweets from Symplur Live. Run the Influencer report by Tweets, then categorize accounts as spam in the Healthcare Stakeholder column.

Technical Notes

  • Multiple computers with projectors can use the same Symplur Live account simultaneously.

  • Use Chrome in Full Screen without the Toolbar.
    Under View in the menu first, uncheck Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen to remove all browser UI, then select Enter Full Screen.


  • Hashtag. Enter the hashtag for your event. Example “#medx”.

  • Bubble Word Limit. Controls the number of words displayed on the Bubble Graph slide.

  • Tweet Limit. The number of most recent tweets to analyze for the Network Graph and Bubble Graph slides.

  • Stakeholders. Choose to filter the tweets that are analyzed by only including certain stakeholders (e.g. "Doctors only"), or excluding certain stakeholders.

  • Randomize Carousel. When enabled this option will randomize the tweets shown in the carousel on top of each slide and the transcript slide. Disable this option to only show the most recent tweets.

  • Layout. Select a previously created Layout or create a new one. Layouts control what slides to show, featured on the slides, slide order, wether to show the Tweet Carousel and slide speeds. Saved Layouts will be available to all users on your team.

  • Screen Orientation. Landscape: Default. Portrait: For screens rotated in portrait mode.

  • Theme. Select one of the standard color themes, we can also create a custom one.

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