Report Settings

Report. Choose betwee the Locations report and the Time Zones report.

Sort By.
Users. Number of users in each time zone.
- Tweets. Number of tweets from each time zone.


The data for the Locations report is based on the location information in each user profile.

Note: Processing time for this report is directly proportional to the amount of data that needs to be processed. A large reporting period will require more time to evaluate each user location. Remaining processing time is indicated by the number of Pending locations in the data table. Made up or invalid locations – “The Internet”, “Imaginationland”, “Mars”, etc – or profiles without a specified location will be classified as Not provided or identifiable.

5 minutes caching

The first time you run this report on a new database or time period all the data will be queued up in our system. This queuing mechnism is unique to this and the Links Report. The reason is that for both reports we need to give our servers more time to crunch the data and pull more even more data from other 3rd party resources (for example, for Links Shared our crawlers will visit each URL and retreive title, meta description and meta keywords).

Because of this queuing we are caching the report outputs for 5 minutes. In order words, for the same database, time period and other settings the report output will only update once every 5 minutes.


  • Zoom Controls. First section of the toolbar allow you to Zoom Out, Zoom Reset, and Zoom In. You may also zoom in and out with gestures on touchpad/touch screen, or with mouse wheel.
  • Change Color Palette. Select this button to randomize the color palette. Continue until you find a satisfactory result.

Data Output

  • Worldwide Map. Highlighting a country with your mouse will detail country name and number of participants.
  • United States Map. Highlighting a state with your mouse will detail state name and number of participants.
  • A screen capture tool is best to save an image of an entire map.This resource will provide the best instruction for taking screenshots on whatever platform you are using.
  • Data Table. Can be filtered, searched, and sorted by each metric/dimension.The data table can be exported as a .csv data table.


Time Zones

This data is derived from the default time zone in each user’s Twitter account.

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