We track more than 15,000 healthcare hashtags, but there are new ones created every day making our database always expanding. If you have a hashtag you want us to track you can submit that hashtag here.

What happens after submission?

  1. You will immediately receive a confirmation email about the submission. We will send this email to the Symplur Account you were logged in with during submission.
  2. We will start tracking the tweets coming in on this new hashtag immediately, and we will also receive tweets from the past 7 days.
  3. If you are our customer, the hashtag and all its data will be immediately available for you in Symplur Signals.
  4. Once submitted the hashtag will be pending approval. We receive over 100 hashtag submissions each week, and each is manually vetted for appropriateness for inclusion in the Healthcare Hashtag Project. Approval times vary depending on the number of submissions we are working our way through, but on average it’s about 10 days.
  5. If the hashtag is approved then you will then receive another email notification about its approval.
  6. A tweet will be automatically sent out from our Twitter account @healthhashtags announcing the new hashtag and mentioning the Twitter account you authenticated with during submission.
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