We track more than 20,000 healthcare hashtags, but there are new ones created every day.

If you have a hashtag you want us to track you can submit that hashtag here.

Note: Our clients who subscribe to Symplur have immediate access to the platform and are not subject to this review process.

What happens after submission?

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation email about the submission. We will send this email to the Symplur Account you were logged in with during submission.

  • Once submitted, the hashtag will be pending approval. We receive over 100 hashtag submissions each week, and each is manually vetted for appropriateness for inclusion in the Healthcare Hashtag Project.

  • Approval times vary depending on the number of submissions we are working our way through, but on average it’s about 7 days.

  • If the hashtag is approved you will receive an email notification, and a tweet will be automatically sent out from our Twitter account @healthhashtags announcing the new hashtag and, unless you opt-out, mentioning the Twitter account you authenticated with during submission.

  • We will start tracking the tweets coming in on this new hashtag immediately, and we will also receive tweets from the prior 30 days.

Why a hashtag wasn’t published

  • Hashtags submitted to the Healthcare Hashtag Project are not automatically or immediately published.

  • Each goes through a manual review to determine if it is appropriate for this project or not. On average only about 25% of those hashtags submitted are published.

The most common reasons for a hashtag not to be published include:

  • It's not being used at all, or its use is extremely limited.

  • It's not being widely enough adopted for use by multiple parties (we focus on original tweets rather than simple retweets).

  • It's a hashtag that already has another conversation attached to it (healthcare or not), thereby making the tweet-stream too messy and off-topic.

  • It's being used in what largely amounts to one-way commercial messages.

  • You can learn more about our process in this article.

How to update a published hashtag

  • It's easy to update a published hashtag. We outline the steps in this article.

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