The Bio Location Filter allow you to filter tweets by users based on specific words used in the Location filed on their Twitter profile. Mapped Location filter takes this further by allowing you to analyze tweets by users based in a specific country, region and even down to the city level.

The filter allows you to select one or more continents or countries. Once a continent or country is selected you may also select one or more regions and then also one or more cities.

How does this work?

The Mapped Location filter is leveraging the data generated by the Locations & Time Zones report. You first have to run this report and allow the system to crunch the data before you can make use of the Mapped Location filter. This is an algorithmic process that takes the Location text in people’s Twitter profiles and tries to assign geo coordinates to that textual input in order to map it. On average we see that the algorithm manages to map about 60% of accounts. The remaining 40% could not be mapped due to the Location filed being empty, not containing a location, or containing non-parseble input. This is a free-form text field on Twitter, so people are free to use this as they want.

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