On the Dataset Access page you can make changes to the datasets (hashtags, keywords, Twitter accounts) you have access to.

Note: Only users with the Admin or Analyst roles can access and make changes to this page.

Below is a screenshot of that page:

Click on the "Learn more about Datasets" button to read more about datasets.

View available datasets listed under Your Selected Datasets. Click on a dataset to remove it from your list.

Use the Search and select datasets search box to explore the datasets Symplur Signals offers and how much data is available for each dataset.

Below the search tool are two additional options:

  1. "Submit a new hashtag now" brings you to this page. Click here to read more about hashtag submission and publication.

  2. "Request creation of new non-hashtag datasets" opens a chatbox on the right side of the screen, including pre-populated text to submit this request. Add the requested dataset term and click on the icon to submit.

Click here to read more about the next section on Healthcare Stakeholders.

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