On the Users page you can add new team members and manage their roles. You can also request additional user seats for your account.
Note: Only users with the Admin role can access and make changes to this page.

To the right of the list of account users you will see how many users your account is authorized to have, how many current users you have, and how many remaining seats are available to you.

Click on the gear icon next to a user to edit their access level. Your options are access, admin, or viewer. Click here to learn more about the different roles.

To remove a user from the account, click on the red trashcan icon.

To add a new user, click on the "+ New User" button.

To request additional user seats, click the "Request more user seats" button. This will open a chat box on the right side of the screen, pre-filled with text to submit your request. Edit the text as necessary and click on the second icon to submit your request.

Click here to review the next section on Roles.

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