Each thread starts with an initial tweet with all the followup replies to that initial tweet similarly to how twitter.com shows conversation threads. The report is an excellent way to identify discussions that sparked much engagement, or questions that got answered.

When filters are used then any match in either initial tweet or reply will trigger the whole conversation thread of which it is part of to be shown. For example, if filter Healthcare Stakeholder Filter for doctors is used then one reply tweeted by a doctor will cause the whole thread to be shown.

Note: because of deep complexity, this report is slower than other reports.

Report Settings

  • Limit. Sets the maximum number of conversation threads to be generated by the report.
  • Sort By. The conversation threads can be sorted by most Replies, or Most Recent.



  • A useful feature for researchers is found in the CSV export. A column named Branch provides even deeper information about the structural order of a conversation thread.
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