Wether you are analysing a specific hashtag, a keyword, a user, etc. multiple hashtags are often used within a singular tweet. This report will look deeper at those hashtags.

Report Settings

Sets the maximum number of hashtags used to generate the graph.


  • Network Graph. A network analysis of the graphs used and their relationship.
  • Frequency. A column chart with the most frequently used hashtags.

Network Graph


Zoom Controls.
First section of the toolbar allow you to Zoom Out, Zoom Reset, and Zoom In. You may also zoom in and out with gestures on touchpad/touch screen, or with mouse wheel.

Node and Edge Controls.
The second section of the toolbar offers a varierty of node and edge controls:

Nodes. This slider allows you to slim the graph by removing the nodes with lesser weight.
Node Colors. Controls the color of the nodes.

  • Gradient Blue. This is the default color scale, darker blue indicates higher node weight.
  • Random Gradient 1-color. For every selection of this option, a random 1-color scale is produced. Repeat selection to find a color scale that suits your need.
  • Random Gradient 2-colors. Color scale between two colors.
  • Random Gradient 3-colors. Color scale between three colors.

Node Lables. Controls the node labels. Increase or reduce the number of nodes with labels with the slider.

Edges. Controls the edge style.

  • Simple. Undirectional edges. Dashed, Dotted, Line.

Community Detection.

Select Detect Communities to run an algorithm that will detect sub-communities within the graph. The algorithm will identity and colorize those nodes that it finds to be closer to eachother in the graph.

Learn more about the Louvain community detection algorithm.

Download Node and Edge Data.

  • Download as Image
  • Export Nodes to CSV
  • Export Edges to CSV
  • Export to Gephi (only available to Enterprise users)

Share Graph.

Use the share button to the far right in the toolbar to share the graph with the same filtering, color and layout with another user.

Frequency Graph

  • Frequency Graph. Downloadable as .png image file, .jpg image file, .pdf document, and .svg vector image.
  • Data Table. Can be filtered, searched, and sorted by each metric/dimension.The data table can be exported as a .csv data table.


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