Name this dashboard if you intend to save it.


Add or remove any type of datasets to be analyzed on this dashboard. Datasets could be hashtags, keywords, users or topics.


Select the desired date range and timezone to be analyzed.
If you select either Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days, an extra option will appear called "Set to last X days". Enable that option to make the dates always dynamic for your saved dashboard.


  • Location Filter.  
    Filter data to only consider tweets by accounts located on certain Continents or in certain Countries. The estimation of an account's location is provided to Symplur by the Twitter API and represents their best guess based on Twitter's own NLP algorithm on the free-form text from an account's profile location field.
  • Stakeholder Filter.
    Include option: analyze tweets from specific stakeholder(s).
    Exclude option: analyze all tweets except specific stakeholder(s).
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