Symplur Signals Subscriptions

How long is the subscription period?

Monthly subscriptions are month to month with the exception of the Enterprise plan.
Annual subscriptions are prepaid for 12-months.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Each time you are charged for a subscription you will receive an automatic invoice "Receipt for your purchase...". This email contains a unique link to where you can manage your subscription.
Also, 3 days prior to the renewal of your subscription you will receive an automatic email with a unique link where you can cancel the subscription.

What payment options do you offer?

Both Professional and Corporate plans are credit card payments only. For our Enterprise customers we offer invoicing options.

Can I upgrade from Professional to Corporate instantly?

Yes, you can upgrade from one subscription plan to the other at any point in time and see the changes immediately while the cost is prorated. However, we do not allow immediate or prorated downgrades. Downgrades must happen at the end of the monthly cycle.

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