Follow these instructions if you would like to create a PDF of the full dashboard page you are looking at. 

We have instructions for the Safari and Chrome browsers.

Chrome Browser

  1. Download and install the Chrome Extension called FireShot.

  2. Open a dashboard and click the new FireShot S icon found top right in Chrome.

  3. Select Capture entire page 

  4. Then select Save to PDF 

Safari Browser

You need to use Safari on a Mac to follow these instructions.

  1. Select Print in Safari.

  2. In the dialog that shows up, select Show Details.

  3. In the Paper Size dropdown, select Manage Custom Sizes…

  4. Click the pluss (+) button to add a new custom paper size.

  5. Double click the new Untitled item in the list in order to give it a name. You can call it Dashboard.

  6. Set Paper Size. Width: 18 in . Height: 105 in . (in = inches)

  7. Non-Printable Area: set all four to zero (0). Select OK.

Now you have created a new custom Paper Size. In the future, you only need to select this custom size every time you want to create a PDF of a dashboard. Now to actually create the PDF follow these two steps:

  1. Make sure Print Backgrounds is selected.

  2. Then select the PDF button, select Save as PDF.

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