All users with the free Symplur Account can pull custom Analytics/Influencer Lists and custom Tweet Transcripts.

  • Go to an individual hashtag page (e.g. #LCSM)

  • Scroll down to where you see the heading "Free Custom Analytics and Transcripts for..."

  • Pick your start and end time and click either the Get Transcript or the Get Analytics buttons.

Learn how we define the terms and metrics.

Free User Limitations

The free Healthcare Hashtag Project has some limitations while paying customers of Symplur Signals are not limited. 

  • Free users can only go back up to 30 days. Paying users have access to our full history. The exception to this rule are all recurring Patient and Community Tweet Chats. Symplur supports these for free with no history limitation.

  • Free users can only select a time period length of up to 30 days. Paying users have no such restriction.

  • Free users can only get Top 10 influencer lists. Paying users can pull and export as large lists they need with more trustworthy ranking algorithms.

  • Free users can only get up to 1,500 tweets at a time in a Transcript. Paying users have access to all tweets, with large export options. 

  • Free users can only analyze all tweets including spam, bot noise and non-healthcare tweets. Paying users can filter tweets by healthcare stakeholder categories (e.g. doctors, caregivers, patients, HCPs, etc.) and have endless filtering options.

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