Only Symplur Signals customers on the Enterprise plan have access to this powerful ranking algorithm for the Influencer widget. 

This Enterprise feature gives access into the neural graph of millions of healthcare influencers ranked weekly on all health and medial terms on our platform.

This ranking algorithm will order the people and organizations who are actively participating in conversations by their Healthcare Social Graph Score. This score rank the accounts by their global influence in the world of healthcare during the last 52 weeks.
The score is not influenced by how much an account tweet, or how many mentions it has received for the time period and the specific data you are analyzing. As long as the account has engaged (tweeted at least once), it will be evaluated and those have the highest Healthcare Social Graph Score will be presented. 

Use Cases

  • Be aware when a very influential individual person or organization engages with your account, brand, campaign or event.

  • Learn who the globally influential players are in any healthcare community.

  • Discover which accounts have large influence beyond the specific healthcare topic you are analyzing.

To get access to this feature, simply let us know in the chat at the bottom right.

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