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A dataset is the source and the starting point of your analysis. It is the data from which you will extract insights. 

You will enter a dataset(s) in the search bar. In the example image below, the hashtag #alopecia is entered in the search bar as the starting point of the analysis.

On the Symplur platform, we have five types of datasets.

1. Keywords:

Keyword dataset types can consist of one or more words, for example, "diabetes," "lung cancer," "non-small cell lung carcinoma." All usage of this keyword or phrase will be found in that dataset. Twitter sends Symplur 100% of all tweets that include the phrase "lung cancer."

2. Hashtags:

This is an easy dataset type. We get all tweets that contain a hashtag such as "#LCSM."

3. Twitter Accounts:

This dataset contains all tweets from a certain account and also all tweets mentioning that same Twitter account. In other words, this dataset type contains bi-direction conversations with an account. An example would be "@symplur." 

4. URLs:

This dataset type will contain all tweets that contain certain URLs regardless of the text in the tweet. These URLs can be a specific URL or broad, such as a top-level domain name.


5. Cashtags:

This dataset contains all tweets containing a given stock ticker symbol (prefaced by a "$" sign) of a publicly-traded company in the healthcare industry. An example would be $PFE (Pfizer).

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