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How can I get access to historical Twitter data?
How can I get access to historical Twitter data?
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Symplur customers have access to all the data available in the Healthcare Social Graph database. Over 30,000 datasets exist in this database, some of which go back to 2010. 

However, in some circumstances, you may find that you want access to a hashtag or a phrase for a time period in the past that we currently don't have any data for.

In these situations, we can purchase access to these tweets. Symplur can access all tweets going back since the beginning of Twitter in 2006.

To inquire how to get historical access, please contact our sales team at

Example Use Cases

Below are a few use cases or reasons you may want access to historical Twitter data.

  • You want access to a healthcare conference that took place in the past that we don't have data on now. 

  • You want access to all mentions of your Twitter account since you created it.

  • You want to analyze all engagements around your brand over the last 10 years.

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