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Healthcare Hashtag Project Analytics Definitions
Healthcare Hashtag Project Analytics Definitions

Definitions of metrics and terms used in the analytics and transcript reports

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This article describes the metrics and terms related to the free analytics available on the Healthcare Hashtag Project.

Example Analytics Report

Top 10 Influential

  • Top 10 Influencers by SymplurRank

Prolific Tweeters

  • The top 10 accounts by the number of tweets.

Highest Impressions

  • Top 10 accounts by number of impressions (=tweets x followers)


  • The total number of unique tweets


  • The total number of unique accounts that have tweeted at least once


  • The total number of impressions

  • Impressions indicate the theoretical maximum number of Twitter users a given tweet could have directly reached in followers timeline, not counting indirect impressions from embedded tweets on websites, tv, prints, or other mediums or impressions from non-Twitter users.

  • The number is computed by taking the number of times an account has tweeted multiplied by the account's number of followers repeated for all accounts, then finally summed up.


  • SymplurRank orders influential accounts by measuring the number of quality mentions received.

  • The quality of a mention is determined by the account who gave it and that account's own influence on the topic at hand, its healthcare stakeholder status, and its overall influence in healthcare social media.

  • Learn more about SymplurRank.

Example Transcript Report

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