Enterprise customers have access to this feature where they can add their own custom tags to any tweet or article in a dashboard. 

This feature enables workflows like reporting on tweets/article relating to specific topics like clinical trial discussions, brand sentiment, adverse events, or just simply for you to save something for later retrieval. 

To tag a tweet or article click on the 'tag' icon and select the tags from the list and save. If no tags are available or to add your own customized tag, click on the '+ Create New Tag' button to select a custom color and enter a unique name.

Tagged tweets and articles can be easily located by their colored tags in the dashboard, and to remove the tag simply click on it again, unselect, and save.

To access and view the tagged items from all your dashboards click on the 'Tagged Items' tab in the start page. In this view you can filter search your tagged tweets or articles and export the list as CSV.

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