Tweet History

A unique view of the history of a tweet from a healthcare perspective

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Tweet History is a data graph that reveals the complete life of a tweet including all retweets, replies, and also secondary quote tweets, and their conversation threads. 

It also allows you to view a tweet’s general growth rate, identify its "second life," KOLs, as well as its reach across identifiable healthcare stakeholder segments.

Tweet History graph is available in the following dashboard widgets:

  • Engaging Tweets

  • Trending Terms

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Tweet Transcript

  • Visuals

To view the Tweet History of a particular tweet, click on "History."

Hover over each plot point to quickly view the profile details of the individual or organization that engaged with the tweet. The plot points are color-coded according to their stakeholder categories, when available.

When the plot points in the graph are clustered too close together, just click-and-drag to zoom in for a closer view of the points in the graph. Click on "Reset zoom" to return to the original view.

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