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Using Symplur for academic research
Using Symplur for academic research

Ideas on how to use Symplur to do your academic research

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Symplur has been used by many world-renown academic institutions, organizations, and individual researchers as part of their research efforts.

Below are some resources to give you some ideas on using Symplur for your research.

List of Published Research Articles

Over 200 articles have been published in many various journals that have either worked with Symplur data or referenced it.

Some journals with high Impact Factors include:

  • BMJ

  • Journal of the American College of Cardiology

  • European Urology Focus

  • European Urology

  • American Journal of Critical Care

  • Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

  • Blood Journal

  • The American Journal of Gastroenterology

We have created a searchable list of all these articles so that you can quickly identify works to read, explore and cite.

You will find it in the hub we call Healthcare Social Media Research or #hcsmR for short. #hcsmR is a collaboration between Symplur and Stanford Medicine X.

Research Challenge 

Stanford Medicine X and Symplur have hosted two initiatives designed to spark scholarly research activity in healthcare social media.

The Stanford Medicine X | Symplur Research Challenge seeks to encourage all health care stakeholders to collaborate on health care social media research. Learn more about this opportunity.

Citing and Referencing Symplur and Symplur Signals

Learn how to reference us in your article. 

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