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Share your entire dashboard with clients and team members

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The dashboards you save are available to all members of your team (if your account has multiple team members).

Follow the steps below if you would like to share your entire dashboard with people outside of your team or organization.

Good to Know

  • Viewers will be able to see your entire dashboard; however, they will not be able to edit your dashboard.

  • Share feature option is read access only.

  • You can invite multiple viewers via email or share dashboard links only.

  • Add/remove viewers to your dashboard at any time.

  • Add an executive summary or notes to the Dashboard Notes widget when sharing to explain the dashboard content, datasets, or project. Be sure the Dashboard Notes widget is listed first (in the Manage Widgets section) to appear at the top of the dashboard.

Step 1

Click "Share" on the top right of your dashboard.

Step 2

Ensure Dashboard Sharing is enabled. Choose if you would like anyone with the link to view your dashboard or only those you specify.

Step 3

If you choose "Anyone with a link can view," click "Copy Link" at the bottom. The link will then be copied to your clipboard.

Step 4

If you choose "Only those I specify can view," enter the person's email address in the text box and click "Share."

The people you've shared your dashboard with will receive an email notification from Symplur.

What is being shared publicly? 

Viewers of your dashboard can only see the widgets you enable. They can view your notes and parameters within the widget, such as name, dates, datasets, and filters.

They can also view help widget articles, refresh the widget, download specific data, and click on Twitter profiles.

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