The dashboards you save are available to all members of your team (if your account has multiple team members). When you would like to share a dashboard with Symplur users that are not on your team, follow these steps:

  1. To share a dashboard, you must first save it. When saving, make sure to check the "Shareable" checkbox. To access this option shown in the screenshot below, simply click on the "gear" icon in the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Then share the url of that dashboard with others. E.g.

What is being shared publicly? 

When you have a dashboard with the "Shareable" checkbox checked, that dashboard configuration is readable to other Symplur users, but they need to know your special dashboard url in order to read it. What is being shared are the dashboard parameters like name, dates, datasets and filters.

What is not being shared? 

  • The actual data (tweets) is not shared. The other Symplur users you share this dashboard with will need to have access to the same datasets as you do.

  • Also, any custom healthcare stakeholder segmentation you have done will not be available to other Symplur users. For example, if your dashboard is using a custom stakeholder filter you have created called "Radiologist" then that will not be available to other Symplur users outside your team account.

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