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A basic overview of the layout of Symplur Signals

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This article will give you an overview of the layout and different sections within Symplur to help you navigate and get familiar.

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The Home menu is where you can view your recent dashboards, conduct a new search, or use a template to create a new dashboard.

You can choose one of our pre-made templates or apply a layout template when building a new search to get the best visualizations for that intelligence.


Clicking on Dashboards in your menu section will show all of the dashboards you've created in the past, as well as tabs. You can also create new dashboards, view tabs/dashboards, delete dashboards, add new tabs, and more.

Note: Clicking on a dashboard will display that specific dashboard and widget options. See the Widget section in the Help Center for more information on widgets.

  • Trending - This tab is managed by Symplur and includes topics we see currently trending

  • COVID-19 - This tab is managed by Symplur and includes various topics related to COVID-19

  • Add a new tab by clicking on the "+" icon

  • Scroll from tab to tab by using the directional arrows. You can also click on the desired tab directly to view it

  • Rename the tab by clicking on the pencil icon

  • Delete the tab by clicking on the trashcan icon

Healthcare Social Graph

The Healthcare Social Graph® is the vast neural network of healthcare conversations, content, and people that gives life to Symplur. The Healthcare Social Graph provides information about influential Twitter accounts during the last 52 weeks. Type a Twitter user handle and click Launch.


In certain widgets, you can add tags to track or reference later. To view saved tags head over to the Bookmarks page. You can filter the custom tags you created. You can also create new tags as well as export tweets.


In your account settings, you can manage your Symplur account such as changing your password, managing users, adding your company's Twitter account, enabling Multi-factor Auth, and more.

Quick Help

Click here for quick access to our help center. You can also chat with our support team via the chat bubble on the right and search for articles.

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