After logging into Signals, you will be presented with the layout as seen in the screenshot above.

The Dashboards tab is the primary page and where you will create dashboards. Click here to review how to create a dashboard.

On the Dashboards page, you will see the search box, date range, and run button. Below that you will see different tabs depending on your account set up:

Dashboards - This tab includes all dashboards created by users on your Signals account.

Trending - This tab is managed by Symplur and includes topics we see currently trending.

COVID-19 - This tab is managed by Symplur and includes various topics related to COVID-19.

Tagged Items - This tab includes all tweets and articles where users on your Signals account have added a custom tag.

You may see additional tabs if your account has created additional custom tabs.

The icons on the right side offer several additional options:

Add a new tab by clicking on the "+" icon.

Scroll from tab to tab by using the directional arrows. You can also click on the desired tab directly to view it.

Rename the tab by clicking on the pencil icon.

Delete the tab by clicking on the trashcan icon.

The Healthcare Social Graph page is an additional tool available to Enterprise users. Click here to view the summary of this tool.

The Reports page is an earlier version of Signals that is scheduled to be retired in 2021.

The Help Center contains links to both help articles as well as product update articles.

The Account page provides access to various account settings. Click here to view the overview of this page.

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