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The Domains widget section gives a representation of the top domains that have been shared on media channels for the terms tracked as part of the given dashboard.

Hovering on a specific bar highlights the specific domain the bar represents as well as the number of shares that happened in a given time period.

Display and Download Options

Clicking the drop-down on the left below the tags brings up a menu regarding the number of domains you want to see displayed in the section.

Selecting the hamburger icon on the right side represents a few view and download options, such as:

  1. View in full screen - This zooms the bar graph to consume the full screen

  2. Print chart - This prints the bar graph we see according to your print selection

  3. Download options - One can choose to download this bar graph visualization in four formats - PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG.

Additional Widget Options

The icons in the upper right corner of the section provide several additional options.

Add Notes: You can add notes for this specific widget section to display for yourself or other team members.

Table - The table icon changes the display to an Excel-like table. Click on the icon a second time to change the show back to the original format.

Export as CSV - Download this section into an Excel table file.

Read Help Article - The associated Help article will open in a new browser tab.

API Query - The code for the associated API query will display in a pop-up box.

Refresh - The section data will refresh.

Remove - This widget section will be hidden. To view this widget section again, scroll to the bottom of the entire dashboard and click on the icon associated with this section. Note - The widget section will display at the bottom of the dashboard and not in its original location.

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