Stakeholder Labels

Filter results for specific stakeholder groups at the widget level.

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Stakeholder Label Overview

  • At the top of many dashboard widgets, you will see a series of stakeholder labels. Clicking on one or more of those labels will filter the existing output for that widget to reveal only that activity attributable to the selected stakeholder(s).

  • These stakeholder categories include those that are standard within the Symplur Signals platform and any custom stakeholder categories created by one of the account users.

  • By default, a maximum of two rows of stakeholder buttons will display above the graph. The presence of a "+" icon to the left of the first stakeholder indicates there are additional stakeholder options not displayed. Click on the "+" to display all stakeholder categories.

  • These stakeholder buttons are in the order of which stakeholders have the highest representation in the graph/list surfaced in the respective widget, with the exceptions of the “Unknown” and “Spam” categories. Those two categories are always listed in the last two positions. And for those widgets where we surface individual user data, the number of times each stakeholder category is represented in the widget will be displayed in each respective button.


  • When only one stakeholder label is pressed, pressing it again will return all of the other stakeholders.

  • When multiple stakeholder labels are pressed, pressing them again will remove that respective stakeholder category.

  • Making any change in what labels have been pressed will activate the “Save” and "Clear" buttons at the end of the list of stakeholder buttons.

  • Pressing the Save button will save the applied filtering so that all of those settings will still be in place the next time the dashboard is opened.

  • Pressing the "Clear" button will return all the stakeholders to the graphic/list.

  • Specific stakeholder buttons may be removed from a dashboard by unselecting their corresponding label in the "Manage stakeholders labels" section of the Dashboard Settings (global).

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