In Symplur Signals, datasets known as Topics are curated lists of hashtags that are related to a common subject matter. When entering a term in Symplur Signals’ search field, Topics are one of the types of datasets that may appear. Topics are exclusive to Enterprise subscribers.

When a user submits a hashtag to Symplur for potential inclusion in the Healthcare Hashtag Project they are asked to provide some topics (or subjects) that the hashtag is addressing. Those topics are then reviewed as part of the manual vetting process when determining if a hashtag will be published on the Healthcare Hashtag Project, or not. Oftentimes the topics will be modified based on findings during the review, and to better fit in with Symplur’s larger taxonomy. If a hashtag is published on the Healthcare Hashtag Project, it will become part of its assigned Topics.

In the image below, this hashtag — #sunitinib — is associated with ten Topics, listed in purple.

From time to time a hashtag’s Topics may be modified. And Topics themselves may, over time, be divided into smaller Topics, or merged together as necessary.

When a Topic is selected as the dataset to populate a dashboard, all of its associated hashtags are actually being selected. Some topics have as few as one or two hashtags, while others may have hundreds.

When a dashboard populates via the use of one or more Topics, the Engagement Activity widget, when set to "Dataset" view, will reveal what the specific actively used hashtags belonging to those Topics were during the date range selected. The image below shows such a view on the topic of Lung Cancer.

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