Identifying a Twitter Account's Location:

The ability to identify location is driven by the location field in the Twitter bio, which is a free-form text field. Users can choose to fill out that field any way they prefer. Some users are very specific, for example: "NY, NY, USA." Others are more general — "USA" — and yet others opt for things like "Everywhere," or "the Moon." And sometimes it's left blank, because Twitter does not make it a required field. Consequently, when you apply a location filter, the results are not going to reflect 100% of the conversation. We find that on average a location filter by country will capture about 65% of a given conversation.

Why do I See Influencers From the United States When I Apply a Location Filter for Europe?

If you apply a location filter for Europe, your dashboard will be entirely based on tweets coming from Twitter accounts that can be mapped to the continent of Europe via the data in the location field of their Twitter bio.

If your dashboard’s Influencers Widget is set to SymplurRank — the default metric of influence, which is based on engagements received — the result will be a list of the Twitter accounts that are receiving the highest quality engagement from people in Europe. However, because people in Europe engage with parties outside Europe, there will likely be Twitter accounts showing up on that list from multiple countries.

If you flip the Influencer report into Table View, you will see each of the Twitter users’ own location fields. From there you can manually curate a list of the users that match the location you’re interested in.

Selecting "Tweets" as the Metric of Influence

If you are looking for the Twitter users who are actively tweeting from Europe, then select Tweets as the metric of influence: this will surface all those actively tweeting whose profiles match the location filter you have set.

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