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Display the most shared content on Twitter from other social media platforms that pertain to your dashboard's conversations

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Social Content Overview

  • The Social Content section shows the content your dashboard conversation participants are sharing via Twitter. A selection of up to 500 of the most shared content is presented and grouped by the social media platform where it originated.

  • Click on the desired platform to view the content from that specific platform.

  • As with other widget sections, the results can be filtered by specific stakeholder(s) by clicking on the desired stakeholder filters at the top of the section. Click on the stakeholder a second time to deselect them.

  • To view a specific piece of content, click on it to open it in a new browser tab. If you would like to view the conversations around this piece of content, click on the chat icon below the piece of content.

  • Clicking on the chat icon will open a side tab that displays all of the conversations around this piece of content (see screenshot below). Use the filters at the top of the tab to further refine the results.

Additional Options

The icons in the upper right corner of the section provide several additional options.

Add Notes: You can add notes for this specific widget section to display for yourself or other team members.

Table - The table icon changes the display to an Excel-like table. Click on the icon a second time to change the show back to the original format.

Rank By - Toggle between different ranking algorithms by algorithm name in the header. The available options are SymplurRank and Shares.

Export Visuals as CSV - Download this section into an Excel table file.

Read Help Article - The associated Help article will open in a new browser tab.

API Query - The code for the associated API query will display in a pop-up box.

Refresh - The section data will refresh.

Remove - This widget section will be hidden. To view this widget section again, scroll to the bottom of the entire dashboard and click on the icon associated with this section.

Note - The widget section will display at the bottom of the dashboard and not in its original location.

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