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Using an Audience Dashboard to 'listen in' on influencers
Using an Audience Dashboard to 'listen in' on influencers

Create an audience dashboard using select Twitter handles such KOIs

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Most of the time a dashboard is created around a certain subject area. Something like a specific disease, conference, drug name, or any other host of things. However, some projects call for a different approach, and that's where an "audience dashboard" comes in.

An audience dashboard is one that uses a select group of Twitter handles as the data source. Typically those Twitter handles have something in common. A few examples would be ...

  • A group of oncologists who are influential in the non-small cell lung cancer discussion.

  • A group of principal investigators in cardiology research.

  • A group of patient advocates in the breast cancer space.

Whatever the group has in common, when the dashboard is made up of these Twitter handles, it will populate with every tweet that they make and every tweet that they are mentioned in by someone else, regardless of subject matter.

As such, you will be able to uncover interests and opinions on a wide variety of topics that are important to the group. And, like any dashboard, creative filtering can be applied to see what the group’s thoughts are on those things that are important to you.

In the following video, we'll give you some examples of how you can leverage this type of dashboard for your project.

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