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Symplur pioneered analytics in healthcare social media and maintains the largest publicly available database of healthcare conversations with the globally recognized Healthcare Hashtag Project.

Symplur, the platform, promotes a deep understanding of healthcare as seen by providers, patient advocates, and other stakeholders with real-time access to insights from over a billion healthcare social media data points.

A Brief History of Symplur

Oct 2010:Launched "The Healthcare Hashtag Project." Collecting, organizing by subject, and publishing health-related hashtags for the purpose of curating insights for healthcare experts by healthcare experts globally. Blog post

Feb 2012: Symplur announced that the HIMSS12 conference set a world record for healthcare conferences in tweet volume. This announcement quickly started trending and was a key trigger for other conferences to begin promoting the use of Twitter among its attendees as a means of promoting their brand and extending their reach. Blog post

Jun 2014: Unveiled Symplur Signals, the world's first and still only social media analytics platform built specifically for healthcare at the internationally renowned "Doctor's 2.0" congress in Paris, France. Press release

Feb 2015: Announced the launch of the "Stanford Medicine X | Symplur Signals Research Challenge." This was the first of what became an annual worldwide research competition co-sponsored by Stanford's School of Medicine and Symplur, LLC. It was designed to encourage research leveraging social media data. Symplur has been part of several hundred published medical journal articles to date. Blog post

Aug 2015: Became the social media analytics platform of choice at the U.S. Government's "National Institutes of Health."

Jul 2016: Symplur invited to the White House to contribute to a workshop focused on engaging participants as partners in research, a core principle of President Obama's "Precision Medicine Initiative." Blog post

Apr 2020: Acquired by W2O Group (Real Chemistry). Press release

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