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Request Timed Out Error Message
Request Timed Out Error Message
Receive error message when running a search query
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If you are receiving "Error code 422 or "Request timed out" message while running a search, this usually means the search timed out (max 10 min) due to a too large dataset.

Tips to resolve or avoid this error

  • Create a minimal dashboard with only the Engagement Activity or choose the "Minimal" widget (fastest view) to ensure the data can load.

  • Then start with a short time period, 7 days, then 30d, then 6 months, etc., and expand until you know the "breaking point" then you might need to break up your analysis into multiple runs if it can't do the whole time period at once.

If you are still receiving this error or any other error message after doing the above, please reach out to our client support team via email at or the chat bubble.

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