Key Use Cases

Use case ideas based on a task, specific goal or desired outcome

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Over the years, we've identified key use cases from our clients and shared them below. Use this list to get ideas on how to use Symplur to help you achieve your desired goal or outcome.

Create a KOI/KOL list and build a new dashboard focused on them

Create a KOI/KOL list based on a specific subject

Determine which published research links doctors are sharing most (i.e., at a conference

How to identify a spike in conversation and then determine the details behind it (i.e., at a conference

Identify the most shared websites by a specific group or on a specific topic

Monitor a clinical trial discussion at a medical conference

Monitor a clinical trial data release in a newly published journal article

Filter the conversation at a conference on a specific topic and use it to create a KOI/KOL list

Determine which hashtags your target audience is using most often on a given subject

Who is generating the most activity or receiving the most engagement on a given subject?

Which individuals or companies received the most attention at a conference

What content on my website is being shared most frequently by my target audience?

Who is talking about our products, and what are they saying?

How do I see all the engagement that my tweet generated?

Assign a custom stakeholder category to a list of people and follow that group in a variety of discussions

How to monitor journalists and media outlets on a specific topic

Build a list of doctors based on specialty and location and follow their ongoing conversations

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