HCP Profile Data

Clinical and NPI data for HCPs such as diagnosis seen, procedures done, licenses, prescriptions given, etc.

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We have clinical and NPI data for every US healthcare provider (HCP) that we have linked to their social profile in Symplur.

You can use the data to know if an HCP prescribes a specific drug, partners with pharma companies, or is licensed in specific states.

The associated data is only available for stakeholders with the 'Investigator,' 'HCP,' or 'Doctor' label.

Table of Contents

To view a healthcare provider's NPI and clinical data, click on their Twitter username in any widget. A pop-up window will appear on the right side of your screen.

We have about five years of data for most of the information. On some tabs, you can select your date range.

In the GIF below, you will see the data available for this provider in each tab. We'll review each of the tabs below.

NPI Profile

The NPI Profile tab may contain the following information:

  • Licenses

  • NPI number

  • Practice Locations

  • Education

  • Organization

  • Hospital Affiliations


View provider payments from open payments data based on the Sunshine Act.

If the provider receives payments from a medical device or pharma company, it will be listed on this tab.

You can view the total sum of payments and the payment breakdown by organization.

There are additional options on the right such as downloading the payments bar chart, exporting the data, and changing the chart layout.


If the HCP has published any peer-reviewed medical journals, they will be listed on this tab.

Medicare Rx

View prescription data from Medicare. Note: Due to a delay from the CMS, the public data is only accessible until 2018.

Selecting the hamburger icon on the right represents a few view and download options, such as:

  1. View in full screen - This zooms the bar graph to consume the entire screen

  2. Print chart - This prints the bar graph we see according to your print selection

  3. Download options - You can choose to download this bar graph visualization in four formats - PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG

You can sort the Rx data by Total Claim Count, Total 30 Day Fill Count, Today Day Supply, or Total Drug Cost (see image example below)

Additional Options

At the top of the NPI profile, you can add a new stakeholder label, view the data in a table format, see their Healthcare Social Graph Score, number of Tweets, number of Followers, and Following count.

Click on the Transcript, Interactions, or Healthcare Social Graph tabs to view that data in more detail.

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