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What does Symplur support?

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The Symplur product is designed around a workflow where the user starts its journey by selecting one of our curated Topics, or phrases or hashtags and Twitter usernames. We sadly do not currently support a boolean query as the starting point.

Example boolean query:

(((COVID* OR coronavirus OR "SARS-COV2" OR "SARS-COV-2") AND (antiviral OR antivirals OR "anti-viral" OR "anti-virals" OR "oral treatment" OR "oral treatments" OR "oral therapeutic" OR "oral therapeutic")) OR molnupiravir OR "MK-4482" OR LAGEVRIO OR PAXLOVID OR nirmatrelvir OR ritonavir)


Certain simple boolean queries can be replicated in the Symplur product. Take for example: #ASCO22 OR #ASCO2022 AND (Mobocertinib OR Amivantamab).

This query can be accomplished by selecting both hashtags, #ASCO22 and #ASCO2022 as the input datasets, (every selected input dataset functions as a boolean OR) and then applying a Word Filter with Mobocertinib , Amivantamab as the entered text (the comma functions as an boolean OR).

Example dashboard for this query.

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