The Influencer section lists the most important voices in the conversation, as determined by the SymplurRank algorithm. This ordering can be changed using the gear icon options, see below.

Select specific stakeholders by clicking on them, and deselect them by clicking on them a second time. Expand the list from 100 to up to 5,000 using the dropdown filter on the left-hand side above the list.

Navigate to the next page of influencers by clicking on the arrows or page numbers at the bottom of the section.

Click on a Twitter handle link to reveal full profile and options to see this user's own tweets, received mentions and it's Healthcare Social Graph page.

The "+ADD" button allows you to add an additional stakeholder segment to this user, either an existing segment or you can also create and assign your own unique segment. These additional segments will update your account's dashboard only.

Healthcare Social Graph will display the user's Healthcare Social Graph score.

Transcript will provide a list of the tweets sent by this user. This list can consist of outgoing tweets or all activity, include or exclude retweets, and the size of the list can be expanded from 100 to up to 1,500.

Interactions will display a Network Analysis chart of the selected user.

The icons in the upper right provide several additional options:

Table - The table icon changes the display to an Excel-like table. Click on the icon a second time to change the display back to the original format.

Rank By - Toggle between different ranking algorithms by algorithm name in the header. The available options are SymplurRank, Healthcare Social Graph Score (Enterprise only), Mentions, Tweets and Impressions. Click on the desired option.

Compare - The compare toggle enables you to compare the influencer lists for the selected time period with the previous time period of the same length. The boxes containing the Influencers' SymplurRank will change to green (increased in rank), red (decreased in rank), or grey (new to list) with a number below the SymplurRank indicating the significance of the change over the previous time period.

Export as CSV - Download this section into an Excel table file.

Read Help Article - The associated Help article will open in a new browser tab.

API Query - The code for the associated API query will display in a pop-up box.

Remove - This section of the dashboard will be hidden. To view this section again, scroll to the bottom of the entire dashboard and click on the icon associated with this section.

Note - The section will display at the bottom of the dashboard and not in its original location.

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