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An overview of the most used keywords in the dashboard's conversations

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The Trending Terms widget section reveals the most significant terms in any healthcare conversation according to Symplur's Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm.

The sizes of the bubbles in each group are determined by the algorithm score rather than by the frequency count—the larger the bubble, the more significant the term. The bubble sizes are proportional only to the bubbles in the same grouping.

As with other widget sections, click on stakeholder group(s) to view only the data for the group(s). Click on the stakeholder group a second time to deselect it.

Click on a bubble to reveal the term's frequency count and the algorithm score, as well as three options:

  • Tweet Transcript will open the list of tweets associated with this term. Within this list, you can select specific stakeholders, include or exclude retweets, and expand the list from 100 to 1,500.

  • Filter By This Term will filter this section by the selected term, updating the chart and bubbles. You can remove this filter by clicking on the "X" next to the highlighted term located in the upper right of the chart. Note: You can only filter this chart by one term at a time. Selecting a second term will override the first term.

  • Remove will remove this term from the chart and will produce an updated chart excluding the removed term. You will be presented with the option to remove the selected term from the entire dashboard (as shown below). Multiple terms can be removed, and the below pop-up will update to show all currently removed terms.

Clicking on the sliding bars icon above will display the three options seen in the above screenshot.

  • You can include or exclude retweets, turn on or off the ability to drag bubbles (similar to the Network Analysis section) and adjust the colors of the bubbles.

  • Note: The Randomize colors option only applies when the Associated Terms chart option is selected.

  • By default, the terms are displayed using the Compare option. The trending terms of the selected time period are compared to the trending terms of the preceding time period of the same length.

  • The forty most significant terms from both periods are compared, and the common words are displayed in the middle while the unique top forty words of each time period are displayed on each side.

  • The Associated Terms option will display the terms in groups as defined by terms that are used with each other. This is similar to the Communities option in the Network Analysis section.

  • The date range option will display the most significant terms for the selected time period.

  • The Combine option displays the most significant terms used over both of the time periods.

  • All Data Sources will display the source of the data (e.g., Twitter Data or Forums Data).

Trending Terms Widget Options

The icons in the upper right corner of the section provide several additional options.

Add Notes: You can add notes for this specific widget section to display for yourself or other team members.

Table - The table icon changes the display to an Excel-like table. Click on the icon a second time to change the display back to the original format.

Rank By - Toggle between different ranking algorithms. The available options are SymplurRank and Count.

Export as CSV - Download this section into an Excel table file.

Read Help Article - The associated Help article will open in a new browser tab.

API Query - The code for the associated API query will display in a pop-up box.

Remove - This widget section will be hidden and removed from the dashboard. To view this widget section again, scroll to the bottom of the entire dashboard and click on the icon associated with this widget.

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