The Trending Articles widget reveals the articles and links that were shared the most.

The listed resources present the title, meta description, URL, share count, topics if any, and the main visual of the resource if any.

The topics are listed as tags and are provided from our Natural Language Processing (NLP) content analysis of the article text and sometimes also combined with the meta keywords from the publisher.

As with other sections, specific stakeholders can be selected by clicking on them at the top of the section. Deselect stakeholder(s) by clicking on them a second time.

Click on the Research Items option to filter the results to display only research-related items.

Click on the number dropdown filter to expand the size of the list from 50 to up to 500 articles.

Click on the tag icon to add a custom tag to the selected article.

Click on the conversation bubble icon to view the activity associated with the selected article. The number next to the icon indicates the number of times the selected article was shared during the selected time period of the dashboard.

Within the activity thread, you can filter by selected stakeholders, include or exclude retweets, and expand the list from 100 to as many as 1,500 tweets.

Click on the Twitter handle to view more details of the account.

You also have the options to view history, filter, or tag the selected tweet, similar to the Engaging Tweets section.

When this "Altmetric" icon is available, click on it to view activity for the selected article across different social media platforms (as in the screenshot below). Clicking on "See more details" will navigate to the Altmetric website to display their data on the selected article. Use the browser's Back icon to return to your Signals dashboard.

The icons in the upper right provide several additional options:

Table - The table icon changes the display to an Excel-like table. Click on the icon a second time to change the display back to the original format.

Rank By - Toggle between different ranking algorithms by algorithm name in the header. The available options are SymplurRank and Shares.

Export Articles as CSV - Download this section into an Excel table file.

Read Help Article - The associated Help article will open in a new browser tab.

API Query - The code for the associated API query will display in a pop-up box.

Refresh - The section data will refresh.

Remove - This section of the dashboard will be hidden. To view this section again, scroll to the bottom of the entire dashboard and click on the icon associated with this section.

Note - The section will display at the bottom of the dashboard and not in its original location.


Why do I see duplicates of the same article?
Various tracking and marketing strings are often added to the end of a URL. Our algorithm strip these away whenever it is safe to do so. However, some of these query parameters are not safe to remove since that may break the link altogether, there is simply no way to remove all of these. See below for example duplication issue:

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